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Produced by Jeff Blenkinsopp & KiNo

I am going to turn you into yourself

Whatever you may find is ours:

roll beneath our waves
bring us together
Life is that trigger we pull

We are youth
We'll rip through,
As we change, the world willl change

trying to own us
with usual nonsense
we own the remains of their ruins
in dreams.

Fashion can't cloak us.
Forgive your mother,
She was meant to be free
just like you and me...

In the underground,
always in the front

Yes, we are youth
we'll rip through
as we change
the world will change.

It's the sane state of mind
that must change the point of view.

Are you a mouse?
Are you a sheep?
Are you a pig?
Or a human being?

We're in charge of you!
We're in charge of her!
We are in charge of him!

We are in charge of the whole excitement in the world

We're in charge of that!
We're in charge of this!
We're in charge of the world economically
ordered to dictate what to think

We are charged by you!
We are in charge of youth!
As we change, the world will change!
In the sane stateless mind we must change the point of view!

If the world tells you 'No!'
You do it, right?
For one chance that you get to liberate
At the end all you can remain is young!